Actor Ashish Chowdhry believes, Who dares, wins hearts

Actor Ashish Chowdhry spells the adventure that made him the winner of Kahtron ke Khiladi

“Do you know I had turned down the invitation to be a part of Khatron Ke Khiladi, Season 6!” exclaims actor Ashish Chowdhry, also the winner of the same gruelling television show! “I couldn’t bear the idea of staying away from my kids for over two months and I said no to the producers of the show. It was my wife, Samita, who sat me down and explained to me that it was a great career opportunity, and that it would work well if I participated in it. And here I am! I’ve won!” he smiles rather dishily, with the feeling sinking in slowly and surely.

Actor Ashish Chowdhry on winning the mean challenge show Khatron Ke Khiladi

Of course, actor Ashish Chowdhry is no stranger to the adrenaline-pumping stunts on the silver screen, having starred in blockbusters like Total Dhamaal, Bhoothnath, Fight Club — Members Only, EMI… “But my perspectives have changed over the years, now that I am a father to five kids: Agasthya (5), Salara and Sammah, six-month-old twins, and Kanishq (18), and Ananya (13). I have to earn for them now and save for their future,” he says seriously. How tough was it pushing himself to perform each task?

“The toughest was getting into the pond with the crocodiles,” recalls Ashish. “It was a crazy manoeuvre; the others were unwilling to take it on. What prompted me was that my kids would eventually watch the act on television. They were just so excited at me signing up for the show. I could not afford to “look” scared, even though I was quite psyched out about the task. I told myself that this was the best way I could teach my kids to be strong, by setting an example myself.” Perhaps his children had a feeling that he would win… “Well, who doesn’t want to win? But you know, everyone can’t. That is the way I explain things to my brood,  too. The longer I stayed in the show, with each successful stunt performed, it spelt more income for me and my family

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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