Celebrity Parenting

Actress Shruti Seth, of Shararat fame, is seeking therapy to be a better parent

‘Raising my daughter in the best possible way is my foremost priority’

Popular VJ, host, actress Shruti Seth sprang to fame with her rather lovable rendition of Jiya Malhotra in the telly soap Shararat. Followed many more memorable outings in Comedy Circus, Suite Life of Karan and Kabir. and blockbusters in Fanaa, Rajneeti.

Known to speak her mind, Shruti is married to film maker Danish Aslam (of Break ke Baad, and Time-Out web series fame) and describes herself perfectly in her Insta bio as “sybarite, lover of pockets, Earl Grey tea & wit” .A 90’s girl forever.

Excerpts from a chatty, freewheeling conversation with Express Parenting:

How old is Alina now? And how’s it going, balancing work, home, baby…?

Five. It’s going great. I am blessed to have a fabulous support system. Danish has flexi work hours like me. My mother lives close by. Almost all the women in my friends circle are mothers and we double up as each other’s support system all the time. Alina thrives in this circle of love. I am relaxed at work as I know that she is in great hands, when I am away. This helps me to function well.

One skill that she has perfected of late?

Reading books. Earlier Danish and I were reading out to her. Now Alina has started reading books back to us. It feels beautiful. Also she is going through the “I want to be like my mom” phase and I want to make sure I set a sound example (laughs). I go for yoga and that one-and-a-half hour is sacrosanct for me and she knows it. I keep explaining to her that one needs to be strong and build up stamina to be able to multi-task efficiently. I try to ration gadget time. Instead, I encourage her to play outdoors, make use of her own imagination.

Does she listen to you?

Oh yes. Alina is a happy-go-lucky kid. She is very vocal about her emotional status and we chat aplenty. I am indulgent, but discipline her when required. She tells me clearly what she loves and doesn’t love about me! I feel children need to be made aware of what import their words and consequent actions carry.