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Yes, chef!

National Award-winning chef Amninder Sandhu believes Indian cuisine is a sleeping giant.

She is busy packing her bags as we speak, for London to dazzle the natives there with her mean culinary skills at the highly touted Meatopia. “It is an internationally feted culinary event that originated in New York City, with the likes of Chef Francis Mallmann, whom I admire deeply, having graced it in the earlier years,” shares Amninder Sandhu excitedly. Sandhu will be showcasing the magic of the age-old Indian tandoor by preparing bharwan tangdi kebabs on wood and charcoal — her forte. And then she will be preparing mango wood-smoked chicken at The Cutting Room as a wrap-up to the event on the final day. With a desi flair.

Fame comes naturally to Chef Amninder Sandhu, India’s most popular lady chef who has made a mark for herself .in the legion of Indian cuisine. “Indian kitchen is the most challenging kitchen for any chef,” she confesses, “with the logistics of withstanding the high temperatures of the tandoor, and the complexities of cooking techniques that come into play here.” But why did Amninder choose to excel in Indian cuisine in particular? “If I were to specialise in any other cuisine, say Italian, I would not want an Italian to come up to me and point out fallacies in my preparations.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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