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Animal Blingdom

Jewellery designer Megha Malik’s animal motifs in precious stones invite you to explore the wild side

A gleaming, diamond-laced leopard in a languid move on top a precious bracelet stares unblinkingly at you. Ruby encrusted dragonflies wink on ear rings. Rich emeralds circle the eyes of an owl pendant that sits pretty and polished. A gem-encrusted horse arches its back gracefully on your wrist clasp—jewellery designer Megha Malik of Resa Fine Jewellery creates an artistic sweep through her limited edition collection that centres around startling motifs from the animal kingdom“Nature has always been my inspiration, with its unlimited bounty of colours and forms,” says Megha.

My initial thought of bringing in animal motifs came from the Parisian brand Cartier, that makes extensive use of panthers in its trinkets. I decided to give the animal forms a twist by using the oft-ignored forms in butterflies, parrots, crabs, snakes and owls. This did involve a great degree of detailing and precision but the effort has been well worth it, “ she says with an air of satisfaction.

Of course, being a mother who loves travelling with her children, has taken her to multiple zoos and underwater explorations, across the globe. And her experiences find rich expression in every piece in her new collection. “Each beautiful piece is to be relished and cherished as the colours are inspired from natural skin colours and patterns from the jungles,” she adds with a smile

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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