In conversation with singer Ankit Tiwari

Singer Ankit Tiwari talks about his upcoming release, his fixation with Sun Raha and more

Singer Ankit Tiwari talks about his upcoming release, his fixation with Sun Raha and more

From Sun raha hai (Aashiqui 2) to Teri Galliyan (Ek Villain), singer Ankit
Tiwari has had millions swaying to his vocals. Now the award-winning singer wants to sing for actor Allu Arjun.

The creative heart has music in his genes. With his mother a devotional singer, Ankit was exposed to the music troupe of his parents, “Raju Suman and Party” that performed at religious gatherings. He went on to train in classical music under Vinod Kumar Dwivedi before training in piano, Dhrupad and Western vocals and moved to Mumbai in 2007 when Lady Luck shone on him. He kickstarted his playback singing career in 2011 with the song “Saheb Bada Hatila” ( Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster). Cut to 2023. There is no stopping, Ankit Tiwari.

Excerpts from a conversation:

You say you don’t want to restrict yourself to songs revolving around romance and separation only. Yet now your release is titled Ab Hum Na Milenge ?

Yes, I don’t want to restrict myself from making any kind of music. I did
explore and have always tried to come up with different genres of music but I cannot forget that I have a certain fan base deeply connected to the music I chose to deliver in the first place. As an artist, I have to honour my fans who are deeply connected with me. Dil Cheez too was a major hit and created a separate fan base for me but that won’t make me change the genre, or slow down the genre I excel in.

What are your own emotions that you experience each time you sing Sun Raha Hai?

Sun Raha.. is an emotion in itself. It is a life changing song for me and will
always be immensely close to my heart. Each time I sing that song, no matter which city or country I am in, it automatically engulfs the story from that land and it’s beautiful each time to see fans from all across the world singing and falling for Sun Raha.. all over again.

What was your own personal process of preparing to sing for this iconic song?

I strongly believe that with musicians who make music putting their heart and soul into their work there is a power which always helps them excelling in the melodies they create. This iconic song has so many memories attached to it. May it be me prepping for it and keeping it so sacred and offering it for Aashiqui 2, from getting a call months later that the song is a part of the movie, and the most pivotal part; then I wanted singer KK to be the voice behind this song but destiny had other plans. Film maker Mahesh Bhatt Saab told me that if as I had made the song he wanted only me to sing it. This song defines me, he said. I remember his words so clearly. As they say good things take time.. Sun Raha.. did take its time and the results are applauded worldwide even today.

Do share, what is the biggest heartbreak about being a successful playback singer?

I feel that the biggest heartbreak for becoming a successful artist is that we
cannot cater to our fans personally. With the amazing level of passion, emotions and concern they show towards me, I try my best to reach out to them via social media, DM, stories and sometimes backstage during live concerts as well but I understand the very bond between a fan and his favourite artist and when I see fans struggling to meet me. I try my best to touch as many lives as possible.

One thing Kanpur has taught you

Kanpur is where I was born and I’ve grown up.. it has always taught me to stay rooted to the grounds no matter where I reach. No matter how important my
meetings are or I am travelling anywhere in the world, if I get a call from home, I am on it. Even today from knowing that my mother is out and about shopping to my wife and daughter travelling or enjoying a meal, my birth place has taught me to stay connected to my home and my family always.

One thing Mumbai has taught you

Mumbai is a place which has moulded me into a person an artist that I am today. I have tasted success; I have struggled seen such phases in life but this city never stopped giving me hope and confidence due to which I could make my come back like never before. Kanpur is my birthplace and Mumbai is my land of devotion.

The best part about being Ankit Tiwari?

I think my fans and my music can answer that better.

What’s next?

There are few projects in the pipeline and hopefully will come out soon for you guys to enjoy. Meanwhile I’ve noticed that my audience on social media is enjoying and loving the cover songs of the evergreen tracks I have shared on social media so they can surely expect many more to come.

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