Warmth of yoga

Forget pandemic weary postures! Stay warm and energised during winter through the power of these five asanas

With the nip in the air settling in, and joints snapping as we move around, it is time to keep those limbs moving fluidly. Practising yoga brings in better flexibility and makes mobility easier. “As seasons change, our body also experiences a variety of changes causing uneasiness at time,” says Kaavita Das, yoga expert, aerialist, danseuse, and creative movement therapy facilitator. She suggests asanas to keep your body warm as winter kicks in with full force.


This simple stretch is a body warmth-builder. The gentle hug you give yourself calms and soothes the body, generating heat. If physical and mental exhaustion gets the better of you during the day, embrace this posture for instant relaxation and warmth. From raised hands pose (UrdhvaHastasana) with the arms reaching overhead, sweep your arms down on either side of your body to come into a forward fold from your hips. This is often called a Swan Dive. Bring your fingertips in line with the toes. Press your palms flat on the mat. You can use blocks under your hands here if they don’t reach the floor. Micro bend the knees so that they are not locked. Engage your quadriceps muscles and draw them up. The more you use your quads, the more the hamstrings will open. Bring your weight a little bit forward onto the balls of your feet, with hips staying over ankles. Let your head hang. To come up, inhale and place your hands onto your hips. Press your tailbone down and contract your abdominal muscles as you rise up slowly.


Get down on all fours at full stretch for an ideal plank workout. Planks are a great exercise for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Performing them for a few minutes a day boosts metabolism through the day

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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