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Ash gourd juice: your weight loss sip

Ash gourd - called the wax gourd, winter gourd, ash pumpkin, petha - is  clawing its way up the popularity charts with all those who want to up their immunity levels. But read this article before drinking up

Remember the petha, or the pale gourd, that you cribbed as a child each time your mother brought it to the table? It has squeezed itself into the new age elixir — ash gourd juice — that works like magic as a detox sip and betters your health index.

Called the wax gourd, winter gourd, ash pumpkin — the humble vegetable is clawing its way up the popularity charts with all those who want to up their immunity levels.

Winner takes it all

Ash gourd juice is commonly dubbed as weight-loss juice. “It stands out for its rich dietary fibre content and a low-calorie profile, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to shed a few pounds,” says Sushma PS, chief dietitian, Jindal Naturecure Institute. “The high-water content in ash gourd works superbly for those looking at shedding weight. The high dietary-fibre composition of the juice makes you feel full for a longer period, trimming food cravings and making you stay off binge-eating. These combined benefits contribute to a reduction in overall caloric intake, making the juice juice a valuable addition to a weight-conscious diet.”

For all those who find it tough to rev up the fluid intake during winter, the winter melon brings with it a high-water content of around 96 per cent. “Ash gourd juice helps in lowering blood sugar levels. It serves as a nutritional powerhouse containing essential vitamins such as C, B complex, along with vital minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. If you have respiratory ailments, it works towards lowering the intensity of bronchitis and asthma,” she adds.

Make it right

“Blend about 250g of petha, juice of half a sliced lemon, strain, and sip. This works beautifully in fobbing off acidity, ulcers, piles. It is great for skin and hair, and hydrating and relaxing you at the same time,” says nutritionist Shweta Shah.

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