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Call of the valley

For designer Leena Singh, The Reversible Shawl is a collection crafted as a passionate ode to Kashmir

For years, the Ashima Leena label has been a coveted possession in every luxe wardrobe, with each piece being a virtual artwork. And it is with this soulful zeal that Leena Singh has created the label’s new Autumn Winter 2018 Collection, The Reversible Shawl.

The AL brand is 27 years old, and it has been a fashion forward journey for both Ashima and Leena, with countless collections receiving resounding applause (and sales) in India and abroad. The duo, however, split up a couple of years ago and it is now Leena who carries forward the AL label and legacy.

“It is very easy to lose yourself in the world of glamour, and dissolve into the ‘I, Me, Myself’ syndrome,” confesses Leena. “With this collection of garments, we have moved beyond the glamorous world to mirror the dark world of the artisans and the craftsmen, especially those of the Valley who have lost their livelihood owing to the turmoil infesting the state. The collection is a tribute to Kashmir and is the closest to my heart as it has been curated with emotion.” It certainly takes humility and strength of character aplenty to admit this and Leena does it with panache.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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