Plush pickings that define luxury

Luxury and glamour set the mood at Ekaani’s first-of-its-kind experiential wedding lounge in Mumbai

Comfort for your gynaecological problems!

The female biology brings with it a sizable number of challenges, especially when our hormones go up in a twist at different stages in our lives. Keep track of all the little changes from mood swings to irregular menses to stay abreast with the signals your body sends out.

Chickpea goes chic!

Celebrate the goodness of the humble chickpea through these different ways to rev up the health index of your diet

Jerk it away

If you love spicy snacks on the run, nothing beats the goodness of shiitake or lean meat slivers that arrive dried and non-chewy in a munchie bag. Jerky or dehydrated foods find their origin in a form of meat preservation by the Quecha Indians of the Inca empire that flourished in South America in 1550....

Finding ‘she’ in the streets, in the stars

Women form the focal point in the immersive visual narratives of award-winning artist Santosh Jain