The Leela Palace Jaipur: A Splendour In Sand

The Leela Palace Jaipur is grand gesture of love and luxury, wooing your little heart with a complete sensorial experience

The mead mania: Love at first sip

Mead, or honey wine, is the trendy sip in 2022. The genesis of mead can be traced back to 7,000 BC in North China. The Grecians venerated the ferment as ambrosia or nectar of the gods.

Sign of Times: Signature analysis by graphologist Sudhir Kove

Graphologist Sudhir Kove talks about how an individual’s signature is a reflection of their personality

Camel milk chocolates take you from desert to dessert 

Classic, roasted almonds and coffee form the luxury line up of camel milk chocolates creates a whole new ‘dessert from the desert’ reality

Thought for Food

Unless you’ve carved a commercially viable career in the food world, cooking 24x7 for your family is the most under-appreciated chore in the world.