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Aye! Avocado

An avocado in every variety brings in the goodness of nature. The green fruit is busy creaming into fancy sweet and savouries this season

If you are still wondering whether to buy that usual Hass or the premium Gwen, do not think twice. An avocado in every variety brings in the goodness of nature. The green fruit is busy creaming into fancy sweet and savouries this season.

The pudgy, over ripe version of the fruit can make its way into hummus. “The good old chickpea hummus can be glamorised with the use of basil for a herb count, cauliflower for varied texture, avocado for smoothness and nutrient upswing, and many more,” says Chef Aditi Shenoy. Make the version work for your own taste buds using fresh green peas and avocado
rolled in with tahini cream and topped with roasted seeds and smoked paprika. While tacos, and feta on toast have always been popular as tartines, for vegetarians, the variations have emerged in lipsmacking avocado corn tartar and avocado pizzas. Special salads for monsoon bring in edamame laced with Mandarin, pomegranate and slices of the green fruit. A toss up with crunch seeds brings in multiple tangy and creamy layers with rocket leaves.

“The classic combinations include cherry tomatoes and feta, to the more adventurous options like smoked salmon and poached egg, says Niketa Sharma, owner of Bloom Cafea. “Our avocado French toast is a perfect
example of this. We use ripe and creamy avocados and pair
them with other nutritious ingredients to create a filling and
satisfying breakfast option.”

Meanwhile Kulfilicious arrives in India from the United Arab
Emirates to offer avocado as a frozen treat. The Rana
Makkhan Phal – or the avocado kulfi, brings in a new
dimension to cold desserts The rich, creamy texture and
subtle, buttery flavour of the fruit brings in a velvety
flavour to the luscious ice cream avatar.

Chef Himanshu Saini celebrates it in a unique
version of the chaat you can taste in the shops lining the banks
of the Ganga River in Banaras, and in Lucknow and Kanpur.
“The dish, kachaloo, traditionally made with potatoes,
introduces avocado filled with chickpeas and potato and
moong sprouts and seasoned with mint chutney, yoghurt
chutney and ajwain-tamarind chutney,” he says.

With its anti-aging properties, the green fruit does give your
skin that special, glowing spin. There are two kinds,
monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fat
(PUFA). Avocado is a rich source of MUFA, and breathes life
into your hair even through its nourishing oil. So, the next
time you pass by the avocado in the grocery aisle, think of the
exotic food it makes for your palate, skin and hair!

Shilpi Madan for DH Wknd

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