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Growing from Bengaluru to New York, Aranyani has also launched in Bali in the Far East and in Surat in India, with now sights set on Delhi.

It is a luxe spread of aquamarine and coral, rushing through the riveting images of glossy snow leopard cubs, the gnarled antlers of the reindeer, shoals of pisceans and a taste of azure—all in a melee of handpainted designs: From Bengaluru to New York, premium leather bag brand, Aranyani, struts in with its stylish limited edition pieces.

Nature rules the grot. Unmistakably Indian in soul, the ‘Wanderer’ series by Aranyani is a clincher with coiled serpents in psychedelic blues. But then, what makes the woods-inspired palette run so deep? “I believe that nature has a lot to convey. The deeper we go and mingle with nature, the more stories we unravel. For example, our new collection ‘Finding Your Roots’ tells us the importance of knowing and loving your true roots,” explains founder Haresh Mirpuri, adding, “Nature respects where living organisms originate from and does not destroy another territory because of ‘greener pastures’, unlike us.

As humans, we need to learn that.” Interestingly, the word ‘Aranyani’ originates from the Rig Veda and literally translates into ‘Queen of the Forest’.The creative heart behind Aranyani, Mirpuri commenced his journey in the clothing industry in Indonesia in garment manufacturing and export. He set up a spinning mill over 20 years ago to become the finest producer of open-end yarn in Asia. Within three months of starting operations, the plant went on to become the first in the world to be approved for production for Mudd Jeans, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Diesel.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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