Raising the Bar

Get your bar at home going as you stock up on bar essentials to set the tone for lively get togethers.

Get your bar at home going as you stock up on bar essentials to set the tone for lively get togethers.

All set to host smashing house parties? Get the cocktail station going as you stock up on bar essentials to set the tone for lively get togethers. Nothing succeeds like a skilfully arranged home bar.


Says Hardesh Chawla, principal architect at Essentia Environments, “Open shelves let your show off exquisite glassware and novel liquor bottles, bringing in a sense of spaciousness and convenient accessibility. Cabinetry brings along a elegant and refined appearance, cleverly concealing and organizing your bar essentials. Think over the size of your collection, the desired level of visibility, and the overarching design aesthetic of your home while working on configuring your home bar. A neat balance between open shelves and cabinetry gets you going.”


Make use of space-saving solutions. “Built-in bars tucked into unused nooks, repurposed closets, or integrated into small hallways or kitchen pantries work beautifully when there is a space crunch,” says architect Suraj Mittal, Founder, Future Concepts. “A streamlined bar trolley can be moved and tucked away when not in use, providing flexibility and saving space. Custom-designed built-in cabinetry can also optimise storage while minimising the spatial footprint.”


In inch pinch apartments, maximising on space is a big challenge. Bring in functional, yet pleasing pieces in furniture. Place wall mirrors strategically to visually expand spaces. “Versatile inclusions like a meticulously designed bar cart, or a sleek console table with built-in storage compartments serve seamlessly as a stylish cocktail station,” says Hardesh. “Go vertical. Celebrate wall-mounted shelves or racks, making way for a stylish display of glassware and bottles.”

“Make use of open shelving and closed cabinetry for easy access. Including barware such as cocktail mixers, muddlers, strainers, and other frequently used tools in an accessible and visible manner is a practical approach. Bring in designated tool holders. Hanging racks or magnetic strips can be mounted on the wall to showcase and provide easy access to commonly used bar essentials. By combining both concealed storage for less frequently used items and prominently displayed bar essentials, you can strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics in your bar setup,” he says.


Your home is an expression of your personality. Set the tone for a bold, eclectic mood; or a serene space; or a modern and contemporary feel through the astute use of colours and textures

“Bring in richness through fine woods like mahogany or walnut; a sleek allure in  marble or quartz countertops, backsplashes, bar surfaces, or the understated elegance through brushed brass or stainless steel accents,” says Hardesh. “You can personalize the space with unique objets d’art, coasters, corks or bottle caps, even travel souvenirs, sculptural masterpieces, or tastefully framed cocktail recipes that mirror your passions and add an air of refined individuality to your little haven.”

In addition to the decor, keep in mind your specific drinking habits. “For instance, if you are an avid wine collector, bringing in a wine cooler can be a delightful touch,” suggests Suraj. “Love chilling beer, soda, and mixers? Make way for a regular under-counter fridge or refrigerator drawer. Through careful curation of these design elements, your home bar becomes a true reflection of your personality and distinctive style.”


Tips to keep in mind while configurating your mini home bar

Ensure layout and placement of essentials like sink, refrigerator, and work surface, are optimised for easy access and bartending 

Adopt a layered lighting scheme through a harmonious interplay of ambient, task, and accent lighting

Consider the electrical load as a cocktail station makes use of electrical appliances, including blenders, juicers, and cocktail shakers

Avoid overcrowding the space. Resist the temptation to jampack your home bar with excessive essentials

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