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Bathing beauties: Bath & Body Works arrives in Mumbai

The heady fragrance of bourbon, peach, cherry blossom and more assail your senses as you walk into the brand new Bath & Body Works on the second floor of Mumbai’s Palladium Mall. Studded with gifts and goodies, in delectable colours, the plum picks dart invitingly from the shelves vying for attention.

Here’s a snap round-up of your best buys… Shower Steamers: Vanilla, patchoulli, eucalyptus, green tea and spearmint form a heady collusion in this section with packs of discs carrying these alluring fragrances. Fling a disc into your shower area before you turn on the hot water and enjoy infusing the air in your bathroom. Light Up: The aromatherapy candles come packed with essential oils and 100 percent vegetarian wax.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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