Be the diva

Pink Princess

Been dreaming about a perfectly poised pink pout? Whether it is modish Katrina Kaif in dusty shell pinks in “Singhh is King” or the petite Genelia D’ Souza in “ Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, floss is back in the cosmetic sweepstakes.

Go for glossy textures during the day and creamy concoctions for evening wear. First make frugal yet clever use of a concealer or liquid foundation to blot out blemishes like freckles and acne scars. Choose an eye make up palette in soft breezy colours. Brush lightly a pastel choice (rose or a carnation offshoot) across your eyes. Frosty accents in eye shadow ‘bring out’ your eyes, making them look like limpid pools. Cream eye shadows are for a shimmering evening. “Prep your lids through a spot of foundation, followed by a light dust of translucent powder for a long lasting appeal,” says make-up artist Vipul Bhagat.

Shape your eyebrows with a charcoal grey eyebrow pencil. Raven black leaves you looking like a Halloween reject. Choose a black kohl stick to line the insides of your upper and lower eyelids. Then draw out your peepers in a sooty sweep of good quality telescope mascara.

Apricot powder blush stroked on your cheeks highlights your cheek bones subtly. But first run a bit of talcum powder through your brush to sap up any traces of sweat and oil. For the lips, just use a faint pink lipstick or a balm. Begin by outlining your lips with a soft pink lip liner. Fill in with the same liner and then top up with a pretty pink lip colour or strawberry balm. Dab a spot of gloss in the middle section of your lower lip for that soft sheen, tousle your hair slightly with a pair of tongs and spray on a bit of rosewater. You’re ready to charm the socks off everyone.

Quick tips

Choose the pink tones in keeping with your complexion and teeth colour for best effect.

Lighter shades makes the lips look fuller. You can use a lip plumper for an unbeatable pout. Optionally, apply butter on your lips the night before to moisturise and zap out the fine lines.

Go for powder textures in eyeshadow and blush if your skin is oily to avoid streaky patches.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu
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