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5 Celeb Dermatologists Reveal Their Beauty Secrets

When you’re having a bad skin day, you really need something to wake up those sleepy pores to make you glow. As winter wings in with the nip in the air thickening, it coolly zaps the moisture out of our skin too. But then there is always one special ingredient, or that powerful trick that saves the day, like a ‘ram baan’. From nourishing serums to toner treats to sheet masks, our skin gurus spotlight their favourite glow getters, their trusted heroes and beauty secrets that make the skin look smashing and supple with a super sheen, any day.

Dr Rashmi Shetty

Celebrity dermatologist, Founder & Creator, Sol Skin Corp

Here are tried and tested beauty secrets of leading dermatologists to snap up superb secret skin warriors for luminous glowing skin.

There is no instant skincare that can create sudden magic but there are certain tools and preparations that I do use to make my skin look alive and awake. Working an ice cube all across my face works wonders, it instantly refreshes my skin, especially the under-eye area. Great prep before I use makeup. Sometimes, I do use a jade roller or a metal roller that I store in the refrigerator to prop up the blood circulation for that extra glow. No flow, no glow. 

Massaging my face with the icy roller is a cool secret. If my skin is slightly irritated or flushed after a hot shower, and I have to dress up, I use cold calamine lotion (again, stored in my fridge!). It calms my skin beautifully. For that last-minute zit that appears, or a rash, or itch, it is hydrocortisone 1% that wings into my rescue. Half an hour after application, my skin looks and feels much better. My ultimate secret skincare weapon is my mama’s recipe: sandalwood paste mixed with a little bit of tender coconut water. I apply this all over my face. Believe me, it takes care of everything.

Dr Chytra Anand 

Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist, Chief Formulator, SkinQ

I have a glass of coconut water every day, dedicatedly, for the electrolyte rush. This helps the water absorption into the cells. I also use a ceramide-based moisturiser with a built-in hyaluronic acid for deep moisturisation of my skin, the night before I have a special event. This works beautifully like a moisture mask in replenishing my skin.

A DIY kitchen remedy that also works well is a mixture of mashed-up papaya with milk cream that you can apply all over the skin. Leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes and it takes care of the impact of long, late nights.  

For topical application, I simply love the SkinQ Glow/Detan DIY facial kit. It takes care of everything—from gentle exfoliation for an immediate glow, to instant tan removal and skin smoothening, to deep nourishment and a mask with a glow activator. This is my go-to before any event to simply prep my skin.

Shilpi Madan for Zee Zest

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