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Berry berry nice

Make merry with the delicious goodness of berries in a dizzying spread of gourmet gospels

You’re done with the wrinkled prunes, mousy raisins and dry figs. Sink your molars this season into the juicy splendour of fresh berries jostling for your attention. They pack in the vitamin cocktail and zingy taste that make your little heart sing. Move over spiced berry mojitos and sweet smoothies, here comes the berry brigade. Reinvented.

Strawberry express

Strawberry devotees rejoice as the pink fruit unfurls in all lusciousness in perfect sync with the nippy breeze. Pepperazzi Pink comes crafted with perfection from the house of artisanal ice-creamery, Sucres Des Terres in Mumbai. “The dessert marries fire and ice as it brings in ice-cream created with plump strawberries, and carries a vein of charcoal black pepper for an unexpected kick. It is a perfect mix of the zesty spice of black pepper and the lingering sweetness of soft strawberries from Mahabaleshwar,” says founder Kunali Dattoobhai.

Dubbed as a power food, strawberries zip up your daily dose of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C, and add sheen to your hair and nails. Pastry chef Olivier Vincenot at food store Foodhall—which has outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru—has come up with a lipsmacking spread of shortbread cookies. “Heart-shaped strawberry shortbread, shortbread with flowers and a large cookie toffee, wrapped together,” he says. And in a spin on the perfect aphrodisiac for the season, he brings in Tuxedo Strawberries in a sinful spread of  strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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