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The sexism spin

That Bollywood is often branded as misogynistic and sexist raises doubts if showbiz is run by and for men

Then he called me and my assistant into his hotel room on the pretext of discussing the requirements of the sets, in keeping with the script, uncorking a bottle of champagne, sipping on, taking to shayari and then taking to sucking my toes, once my assistant split. It was the most nerve-wracking, horrible moment of my life, as I racked my brain for a solution. I panicked, because efforts to fob him off did not have any effect. I made my escape, bolting like a shot deer, leaving my laptop and phone behind in the blind rush, as I skidded down the corridor into the safety of my room and locked myself. The film director, expectedly, made working in the project thereafter extremely rancid, the next day onwards, finally driving me to quit the movie….

Despite the hat trick of successes in my earlier movies,” says Anupa Dhara (name changed on request) who has worked as an art director in countless Indian as well as crossover projects.

Whether your ego permits you to face this or not, it has been a man’s world, especially in the film domain, for years, with women making their mark as movie makers, choreographers, camerapersons, editors, costume designers….relatively recently, and…

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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