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Make your teen boy happy with his room decor!

They grow up too fast! Here is a quick guide to sprucing up the decor of your little guy’s room.

They grow up so fast. Before you know it, your young man has slipped into his teens, is sprouting facial fuzz and needs his own space, where he can hang out, chill, study, game…here is a quick guide to sprucing up the room of your teen boy.

Interior decoration for teenage boy's room
Curated picks

Explains Sameer AM, CEO, Bonito Designs, “The idea is to create space for free movement. Bring in clever picks in functional furniture, like a compact, tuck-away table that can be opened up, a robust study desk with sufficient organizational space. Display areas keep his teen mind active during studies. A comfortable seater, with lots of cosy and colorful accessories, can serve both the purpose of creating a sense of comfort and bringing color into the room.”

Each corner has to be designed with some flexibility. Recommends Minnie Bhatt, design director at Minnie Bhatt Design, “The desk can have a shelving system above it that is flexible with adjustable boxes that can be moved around. A comfortable chair/ swing/ love-seat can be added depending on the available space with a floor lamp next to it or a small peg table with a table lamp. Floor cushions can be added so that they can be used to play games on a playstation and put away when not in use. A small storage chest can be accommodated to house the cushions and other board games. Furniture can be convertible like a small chair that becomes a step ladder, a desk that is formed with a plank that opens up from the wall panelling.” Cool, or what?

Clever accents

Suggests Minnie, “Go for light, easy to maintain textures for your son’s room. Make use of back-painted glasses for the finish of the wardrobe shutters. Create a cabinet for sports gear for putting away the bulky racquets, footballs, skates and other equipment. Bring in a medium sized bed on any side of the room, leaving the central area as an open space.” What you need is sensible, sufficient storage to put away the bulky stuff. Adds Sameer, “Boys in their teens love to put their mark on everything, hence a sense of personalisation makes their room unique. Monogrammed letters of their name on the wall or even curios that spell out their name, can give their room a personal touch. Make way for favourite movie posters and pictures. Even wardrobes can be customised to help during morning rush time, with quick grab and go functionality for school uniforms.”

Colour up

“The colours in the room can be light with some vibrant pops that liven up the room, for instance pairing grey and white with bursts of red and blue,” explains Minnie. Often, your teen may progress upwards into shades of the traditional colours. Remarks Sameer, “It is seen that in their teens, boys prefer colours like cobalt blue, beige and browns that can grow with them. Try and keep the colour to the minimal with an accent wall of his favorite colour on a wall. This way, based on his changing likes, elements in different colours can be brought into the room to add a pop of colour. Wallpapers with fun designs can liven up the place, or a solid colour can be contrasted with wall accessories personalised for him. The usage of monograms on the wall in contrast colours is always preferred.”

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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