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Are you the kind of man who breaks stereotypes?

Stay-at-home fathers, boys who are not afraid to cry, dads who belong to moms’ WhatsApp groups… it takes all kinds of men to make the world an awesome place

The Stay-at- Home Dad DAD in the MOMs’ Group—Chetan Bhagat

“I make smoothies or arrange tea for my wife when she comes back from work”

Author Chetan Bhagat is no stranger to brickbats (perhaps more) and bouquets(probably less). But whether you love or hate his books, the guy makes the cut for shattering stereotypes with aplomb.He’s super comfortable playing the stay-at-home dad while his banker wife works full time. “I guess that’s because I don’t define myself or my manliness by being out of the house. It helps that I can work on my writing from home, but I am a person who is not easily affected by societal norms and opinions. I go by what I feel is right. It is totallyokay for the traditional roles to be reversed, in an age where almost any job can be done by a man or a woman,” says Chetan, with his signature candour. Make note: Here is a man whose books are snatched up by millions and even reproduced as box-office hits. He enjoys all the aspects of being a celebrity: signing autographs, selfies with fans, the limelight (sans the paparazzi)…How involved is running the home? “As we have two small kids, I do have to manage our house help, plus the numerous people who attend to various house-related problems,” he tells us. “I consider myself lucky to be able to do that. I am one of the few men in my batch, who has watched his kids grow up. It is great to be around more than other dads. It is one of life’s biggest luxuries”.So what’s the biggest mould that Chetan has broken? “That a settled, middle-class boy cannot try something different and do well at it. I quit my job at an international bank at the peak of my career to write books. It all kind of worked out, which is something that doesn’t happen everyday,” he signs off.

Not Afraid To Cry–

Parikshat Wadhwani“I can sew, fabric paint and crochet fabulously. The latter, I owe to my nani. I love cooking too”

Brand consultant Parikshat Wadhwani has no trouble tuning into his softer side. “I love watching movies, especially Bollywood flicks. My favourites include Devdas and Chandni,” he states honestly. “Why should I feel embarrassed about my choice? Even men have emotions. I watch rom-coms and sci-fi too, but tend to get more emotionally involved in what unspools on the silver screen. Yes, there are times when I cry. I don’t think there is anything awkward about that.”This metrosexual male loves macaroons and bright-pink shirts. “I think I look fantastic in pink shirts. Not everyone can carry off this colour,” he says with a smile. And what about his immaculatelyarranged locks? “Takes all of five minutes to get them in place,” Prod him further and he reveals the secret, “using a special wax. Again, pink in colour!” he laughs.Parikshat is adept at using the old nonmotorised sewing machines and even at wielding the crochet hook. “I used to observe my nani doing crochet as a kid and picked up the art. Wait, it gets better. The man can also rustle up a special meal for his date.

Shilpi Madan for DNA

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