Burn those calories

Wondering how to burn those extra inches when you have no time to work out? These calorie-burning chores will keep you looking great.

You made a New Year resolution with great aplomb to shrug off those unflattering inches. But lopping your locks hasn’t helped you to clamber out of the chub rut. Of course, you are working and have absolutely zero time to spare for the gym routine, forget hiring a personal trainer.

Take heart. You can tap into the reservoir of household jobs to burn those callous calories. And, yeah, it ain’t infra-dig.

There are a slew of activities that you could pack into your week. Shopping for groceries, lugging your purchases to the car and then into your apartment, and running after your tyke in and around the playground.

Get intensive and pour your energy into the calorie-chomping chores with a vengeance and watch the inches melt away…

Calorie Counter

You can burn these many calories during half an hour of:

* Cooking (including standing and peeling, chopping vegetables):120-150.

* Dusting (cleaning fans, grills andwindows): 120-150.

* Gardening (picking up pots,working in the fertilizer,replanting): 150-180.

* General housework (answering door bells, laying the table,answering the phone, fillingbottles) : 120-150.

* Clothes carousel (ironing, loading the washing machine, loading thedryer): 180-210

* Lugging groceries from car till apartment and small bags to yourcar: 180-210

* Tot Tidiness (Clearing toys,arranging the cupboards, keeping the kid’s room clean): 200 to 250(Leena Mogre, Director, Leena Mogre Fitness Academy)

Whenever you make the beds,you bend and stretch. Add afew more bends and stretches while you make all the beds inthe house.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu
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