Thought for Food

Unless you’ve carved a commercially viable career in the food world, cooking 24x7 for your family is the most under-appreciated chore in the world.

Learning to Love from Afar

Having an adult child spells freedom at multiple levels, but then freedom from familiar lovable emotions also creates that yawning gap.

Are You Being Concise?

Don’t you agree? Copious text simply wears me out mentally, descending like a sack of potatoes on my eyeballs. As I peel back the layers, I come to the conclusion that short stories make for snappier consumption, but decidedly demand greater dexterity in fashioning a hook at the end of each narration.

Is age shaming the next body shaming?

Is age shaming the next body shaming? Let’s get over getting older, please. It begins by owning our age, and embracing the years with pride and honesty

When action turns fraction

We’re ready for action, not anal acoustics and under nourished scripts when it comes to mean flicks