Boss from hell

Foxed on how to deal with work front gymnastics? Here is how to deal with difficult superiors.

The Writer’s Way

The printed word has a deceptive sense of finality. Once bound, it appears flawless, carved in stone, indelible. The crisp, bound sheets create the illusion of perfectly formed sentences that have transitioned magically from the author’s imagination to the page. In reality the writing process is steeped in imperfection. The journey of thought and expression...

Mate to Order – pack your bags for a new travel experience!

Discover a like-minded companion and get ready to enjoy a trip together

Warm Serenade

Moments of sheer poetic hush bathed in a luxurious matrix of breathtaking ambiance, divine gourmet gospels and precious flutes. A slice of sinful paradise if there ever was one. If you secretly wish to stumble upon the perfectly crafted grotto with your soulmate, go ahead and discover three of Mumbai’s most romantic dining experiences, suggests...


The jubilance of the Italian Festival /Festa Italiana 2006, was all about celebrating the Indian presence of some of Italy’s most famous names in international fashion such as Canali, Etro, Pucci, Valentino, Versace, Moschino, Fendi and Zegna. Shilpi Madan profiles the recent collections of these fashion houses which showcase uber-chic silhouettes with capris, beanie caps,...