For working mom & entrepreneur Rachel Goenka, me-time is a myth

Ace entrepreneur Rachel Goenka on her biggest blessings

Dance makes introverts open up: Shiamak Davar

Parents often tell us that their children show an improvement in their academics because of our classes. The reason behind this is primarily that their focus increases as they have something to look forward to, they get to do what they like and enjoy.

‘Biologically a mother of one, but the underprivileged I teach are mine too’

"No book or lecture or guidance can prepare you to be a mom. You learn on the job, hands-on!" said activist and mom Rouble Nagi.

Single kids have the fear of being alone: Suchitra Pillai

"Be a friend to your children. Make them enjoy the comfort of being able to talk to you about anything, anytime," said Suchitra Pillai.