Seeds of Good Health

Seeds function as nano ninjas, powering weight management through their anti oxidant and Omega 3 index. Chomp on.

In solidarity with sisterhood

Artist Osheen Siva loves to explore themes of femininity, sexuality through an eclectic mix of spirited forms and striking colours in her signature illustrative style

Game Palacio Mumbai: You’ve Never Seen A Bowling Alley Like This Before

Game Palacio, Mumbai’s brand new edgy bowling spot and discotheque offers dishy serve-ups, cool music, bowling butlers, and ritzy cocktails.

The queen of oven fresh: Aditi Handa serves up The Baker’s Dozen

Chef Aditi Handa of Baker's Dozen whips up a unique range of sourdoughs, pancakes and cakes in desi fusion. Served up pan India.

Metamorphosis of Mumbai’s eateries

Restaurants in your city are in reboot mode and leading a layout change movement to suit the new normal.