Integrative nutrition

You’ve tried every possible fad diet, cut out the carbs, stepped up the hours of exercise, and are still not there on the health index. Try moving away from the BMI fixation towards integrative nutrition that looks at wellness comprehensively, not just through the lens of food. It is about how you nurture your body,...

Freezing is uncool

Think twice before freezing food or using frozen foodstuff regularly. Cold food can create a bacteria bonanza in your tummy

Oils to match! Bring in a multitude of cold pressed picks to suit your cooking techniques

Choose different oils for cooking, finishing, in salads...depending upon the dish and your style of preparation

Baker Juhi Pahwa’s The Better Binge

Her vegan, gluten-free keto dessert hybrids simply floor everyone in Bollywood and beyond

Turning a new leaf

Edgy renditions in tea-infused beverages: Get ready to be wooed by black tea toddy, hibiscus tea margarita, green tea vodka, gin tea....