Seeds of Good Health

Seeds function as nano ninjas, powering weight management through their anti oxidant and Omega 3 index. Chomp on.

The queen of oven fresh: Aditi Handa serves up The Baker’s Dozen

Chef Aditi Handa of Baker's Dozen whips up a unique range of sourdoughs, pancakes and cakes in desi fusion. Served up pan India.

Metamorphosis of Mumbai’s eateries

Restaurants in your city are in reboot mode and leading a layout change movement to suit the new normal.

Jerk it away

If you love spicy snacks on the run, nothing beats the goodness of shiitake or lean meat slivers that arrive dried and non-chewy in a munchie bag. Jerky or dehydrated foods find their origin in a form of meat preservation by the Quecha Indians of the Inca empire that flourished in South America in 1550....

Gourmet comes home

Leading chefs have curated new food concepts to stay relevant in these tough times