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Build your own memory palace by remembering the forgotten

Your memories are less accurate than you think. The Memory Palace (MP) technique wings into your rescue, thankfully.

Maximise your walk routines: One step at a timeĀ 

Maximise your walk routine to put the spring in your step. Here is your complete guide to the trot

Hybrid health

We have risen the ranks readily, in search of that elusive healthful balance in life, post the pandemic puzzle. Rediscovering the goodness of the Vedas, celebrating nervine preparations with Indic ingredients including saffron and ashwagandha; burning herbs like jatamasi and guggool to purify the environment and even grabbing a self-narrative in skincare that is making...

Miracle Microbes: tips for healthy eatingĀ 

As your sound health is rooted in the well-being of your bacterial buddies, it makes sense to upgrade your microbial ecosystem

The Cannabis Renaissance

Hail the cannabis. As the world pegs a renewed premium on wellness, the plant with psychoactive properties appears as an alternate cure for urban disorders.