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Comfort for your gynaecological problems!

The female biology brings with it a sizable number of challenges, especially when our hormones go up in a twist at different stages in our lives. Keep track of all the little changes from mood swings to irregular menses to stay abreast with the signals your body sends out.

Chickpea goes chic!

Celebrate the goodness of the humble chickpea through these different ways to rev up the health index of your diet

Aquatic therapy & its advantages

Swimming is not a prerequisite as therapy pools require an immersion up to the chest or neck only. Stay hydrated during and after the session.

How to sleep better: Make tonal and tactile changes in your room to hit the sack easily!

Bring in tonal and tactile changes in your room to make yourself sleep better

Kitchen secrets for a beauty boost

Upscale over ripe fruits from the kitchen into face masks to pour in the vitamins