Peace paradise: Of Maharashtra’s Mulshi lake

All this and more made is the way of life at Song of Life County Villa Resort in Mulshi district, Maharashtra

Splendour in the Sand

There are locations. And then there are luxe locations that define destinations. The newest arrival on the global hospitality scene, Al Messila, the newest offering from The Luxury Collection group, is not just the only verdant patch in central Doha in Qatar on Google Maps, it’s also an exclusive cocoon that lets you commune with...

Rhythm in the house

Grape vibe at Sula Vineyards

Where Nature Comes Home

Travel is about discovering your special moment. I can’t decide which was my most special moment at Fazlani Natures Nest: gazing deep into the calm waters of the lake from the breezy machaan, soaking up the spontaneous dance of the peacock as it strutted lazily under the cotton clouds lulling the blue skies, nuzzling against the thoroughbreds...

Amrita packs in the right punch

Travel essentials for celeb chef Amrita Raichand