Sign of Times: Signature analysis by graphologist Sudhir Kove

Graphologist Sudhir Kove talks about how an individual’s signature is a reflection of their personality

It’s OK to not have an opinion on everything

In the wired world, it is just so easy to upload an opinion. All it takes is one idle thought. Forget the economy of words—having an opinion on everything is like a growing fungus these days. On why has Virat Kohli actually quit the Test Series captaincy, or has Katrina Kaif married Vicky Kaushal on...

Are you “Marvel”ling?

Marvel releases "Eternals" on OTT : The cinematic universe in Hollywood might have opened up its arms for Indian actors, but the stereotypes they perpetuate even in 2022 leave a lot to be desired.

The femtech phenomenon: it’s an intimate matter

Stepping away from stigmas to meet the needs of women are an array of femtech-monikered products that go beyond the pink.

Artist Michelle Poonawalla’s latest works are a surreal decoding

Artist Michelle Poonawalla’s works are evocative of new technologies in art.