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Ranveer Singh & nudity: Much Ado about Nothing

Circa 1996. I was with agency Riccardo Gay Model Management in Milano, where the black books (portfolios in desi lingo) were being spun around on the revolving black table for a snap look. Long-haired, olive-skinned, I watched in slight alarm, and in complete shock as an apple-cheeked, stunning Czech model strode in on her long […]

It’s OK to not have an opinion on everything

In the wired world, it is just so easy to upload an opinion. All it takes is one idle thought. Forget the economy of words—having an opinion on everything is like a growing fungus these days. On why has Virat Kohli actually quit the Test Series captaincy, or has Katrina Kaif married Vicky Kaushal on the rebound, or did Lord Krishna really manifest himself in Akhilesh Singh Yadav’s reverie? People tend to have a point of view on every mole and maverick, as if harbouring one is a sign of being erudite, mentally agile.