Small Wonders

Whoever said “good things come in small packages” perhaps meant superfoods, the nutrient-packed powerhouses of good health. Mohit Khattar, managing director of Godrej Nature’s Basket, says the growth of superfoods across cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru has been stupendous. “There has been a dramatic change in consumer patterns over the past two years. […]

Offsite: Why You Need Outdoor Breakthroughs

Solving a mystery, flying a kite, walking on glass, blind tent pitching… offsite activities are gaining dizzying momentum across the menus of corporate training sessions, finds Shilpi Madan Nothing succeeds in snapping your work force out of urban, corporate reverie than a quick getaway with colleagues in the lap of nature. Throw in a different […]

APT for you

Aptitude tests draw up interesting findings, based on our reaction to methodically structured questions. Or do they?, asks Shilpi Madan “The purpose of education in the future will not be to create people with heads crammed full of knowledge, but to rear children who know how to efficiently use their whole brain. Rearing children with […]

Emotional disconnect

Are we, as parents and adults, on the same mental wavelength as our kids? Different people have different views on today’s children. Some maintain that they are evil beings, who have perfected the art of emotionally blackmailing their parents. Others believe they are genuine souls, essentially compassionate, slightly misled and greatly misunderstood. The rest simply […]

Timeless chikankari

Chikankari has never gone out of fashion. Top designers tell you why it’s the best kind of summerwear. When the sun smiles strongly, you know it is the time to celebrate cool muslins and soft mulls. Traditional yet contoured in a modish contemporary twist, the ageless chikankari,comes to your cool rescue. Chikan work with its […]