So Precious!

They say designing a piece of jewellery is the beginning of a lifelong relationship of pure passion powering the crucible of creativity. Shilpi Madan locks six leading gem fanatics and designers in conversation, to ferret out the pearls that make up their most memorable creations farah khan NATURE IN A CLASP There have been many […]

Sparkling delights

Gemstones are climbing the popularity charts. So make sure you choose those sparklers right. If you thought that old gold was bold, think again. Exotic gemstones spell a contemporary exuberance that simply enthrals. Glittering gemstones are fast clawing their way up the popularity charts, making their presence felt on and off the ramp, in bridal […]

Dishy encounters

Gone are the boring melamine dinnerware. Luxury is in, with regal hues, textures and sweeping cuts setting tableware ablaze. You eat with your eyes first. A truth that whips up an instant appetite for gourmet gospels served up on fancy platters. And why not? Dinnerware has graduated from the boring plain, white, round plates, the […]

Soul tonic

Being nagged by stress that refuses to go away? Spas are an ideal way to get the sparkle back in your spirit. It is the ditty each overworked soul sings, when the body it lives in threatens acrimonious separation: You try yogilatis (a combination of yoga and pilates, an innovation you can bracket with power […]

The Writer’s Way

The printed word has a deceptive sense of finality. Once bound, it appears flawless, carved in stone, indelible. The crisp, bound sheets create the illusion of perfectly formed sentences that have transitioned magically from the author’s imagination to the page. In reality the writing process is steeped in imperfection. The journey of thought and expression […]