Fitness Mantras for Working Women

She comes as a svelte godsend for health-conscious working women perennially experiencing a time crunch. A leading fitness expert in everything from Pilates to Tae bo, Shabana Sabherwal says there are no shortcuts to good health and that you are what you eat. “Our evolution as women is unique to us and only a woman […]

Be the diva

Pink Princess Been dreaming about a perfectly poised pink pout? Whether it is modish Katrina Kaif in dusty shell pinks in “Singhh is King” or the petite Genelia D’ Souza in “ Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, floss is back in the cosmetic sweepstakes. Go for glossy textures during the day and creamy concoctions for […]

Burn those calories

Wondering how to burn those extra inches when you have no time to work out? These calorie-burning chores will keep you looking great. You made a New Year resolution with great aplomb to shrug off those unflattering inches. But lopping your locks hasn’t helped you to clamber out of the chub rut. Of course, you […]

Calorie crunching couples

Maximise your workout by exercising together. You’ll end up more shapely and spend more time together. The next time you drool over eight pack abs or curvaceous figures, get cracking on those ungainly inches. Get moving together to shrug off the flab and woo Cupid the sweatilicious way. Forget dependency on bulky machines. Choose free-hand […]

Power for mornings

It’s the most important meal of the day; make sure you don’t miss it. “Breakfast — the name itself is specific; it means to ‘break the fast’,” says fitness expert Leena Mogre. “Your first meal after dinner the night before. It is your first meal of the day that must not be missed.” Think about […]