The truth about cats & dogs for animal lovers

A new breed of skilful animal lovers is renewing your relationship with your pets including cats and dogs

It’s a Dr Dolittle thing, and it works. So if your pooch is suddenly shying away from the chicken you are serving up in her bowl, or your tom cat is hissing constantly following his usual grooming session, take heart. Animal communicators are here to cue in with their honed telepathic, intuitive connection and simplify lives. “People thought I was cuckoo, associating my ability to connect with pets with black magic,” shares Janita Porecha, a 21-year-old animal communicator in Mumbai. She picked up animal communication skills during a two-day workshop conducted by expert Manjiri Latey from Pune. “I thought it would be fun to chat with my dog. But that workshop changed my life forever,” she says.


Geetanjali Gupta was stunned when Porecha told her that her poodle, Hazel, was irritated by the new shampoo that she had begun using for her. “There were dietary changes that she suggested too in keeping with Hazel’s likes and needs, and I emulated them. Hazel has become her loving self again,” says the grateful entrepreneur. Revelations Porecha has brought in have strengthened the relationship between many pets and their parents. “Animals protect us in so many ways, this is my way of reaching out and making a big, better difference to their lives,” says Porecha. Being a Bach Flower therapist and a homeopath, she suggests specific solutions to niggling, underlying ailments too, if needed.

“My cat Sylvester’s kidneys had given way,” says Sucharita Bose, a makeup artist with a family of 15 cats and dogs. “Within 45 days, he was walking around, with the biomedication, once his exact condition was addressed,” she adds. Sometimes we sense discomfort, but need to know exactly what is wrong with the pet. Animal communicators play a vital role, with cues to tackle the problems. Says psychotherapist and healer Shaan Khatau, “I feel communication works beautifully like a bridge between us and our pets. My cat began hissing and scratching when I got a tom cat. Concerned if there were feelings of mutual hatred, I was put at ease when the animal communicator I reached out to comforted me by stating that both were peaceful, and there was no animosity. It was only playful banter.”

Shilpi Madan for The New Indian Express

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