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Celebrity chef Amrita Raichand on raising her son in a happy, joint family

Amrita Raichand, of food show Mummy ka Magic fame, has thousands of mommies hooked on to the telly for her tiffin trail. The model, anchor, actress and celebrity chef with a brilliant smile has seamlessly blended her love for the small screen, with iconic commercials for Whirlpool, Ponds, a trailblazer food show and tele serials like Mahi Way and Timebomb, together with outings in offbeat films including Baat Bann Gayi, and her theatrical outing in Three Women. All the while she successfully parents her son Agastya. Excerpts from a conversation:

You’re shooting, conducting workshops, travelling…how do manage to strike a balance between work, home, family?

Honestly, I have an unreal blessing in extremely supportive in-laws. They are my bedrock. I always say that they take better care of Agastya than I do (laughs).

No kidding. In these climes of nuclear setups, you are saying that living in a joint family works for you?
Celebrity chef Amrita Raichand enjoys raising her son Agastya in a happy, loving, joint family

Yes, and beautifully so. Agastya is a very grounded child today because of his grandparents and the bond he shares with them. We are lucky to be living together. Many a times, when I am not around, I am rest assured he will not be alone at home as my in-laws are there with him, chatting with him as he eats lunch, telling them about his day. Sometimes, he shares things with them that he forgets to tell me later. Thanks to Dadi, he knows so many prayers and shlokas that are an intrinsic part of the daily pooja. Agastya and Mom even went on a vacation to London a couple of years ago. My father-in-law teaches him Maths. When he was seven years of age, he knew arithmetic tables up to 30.

You cook for so many kids on screen. If you were to pick your favourite ingredient, from amongst the zillion options available?

Chocolate. You can’t go wrong with that. It is a big hit with kids, and cooking for children is my forte.

And Agastya’s?

Oh, he loves ghar ka khana. He loves paneer, milk, dahi, pizzas and doughnuts. He loves the cookies, milkshakes, pancakes…that I make for him. Of course, I bring in secretly the nuts and seeds into his fruity milkshakes.

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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