Chef Ajay Chopra: Parenting in the lockdown

Amid all the challenges in the wake of the pandemic, the current situation has also inspired people to appreciate things that one would otherwise take for granted, including your family and home, says Chef Ajay Chopra.

While staying at home during the lockdown, Chopra prepared a timetable for the family, from having meals together, working and studying to playing games and doing chores. “In between all of this, I found time to cook along with the kids,” the chef said in a video interaction with Luxury and Lifestyle Journalist Shilpi Madan for Express Parenting, adding how he has been experimenting with cooking vegetable skin and rind instead of throwing them in the bin

Chef Ajay Chopra went on to talk about how he involved his kids in baking a cake for his wife. “We made it like a great bonding time. My wife…gets them to bake…it has been two to three years that she has been doing this,” he said.

“A lot of parents do not push their children to do chores and tidy up their room…I do not see any work as small, whether it is cleaning toilets, making the bed or mopping the floor,” Chopra said. He added that as parents, they are not “hard, disciplinary taskmasters” but they make sure their children learn to do these tasks right from the beginning.

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express