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At the heart of food: Chef Ranveer Brar

He’s busy launching apps, shooting for his YouTube channel, creating recipes, and collaborating with top-notch brands.

It’s a breathless chase trying to pin Mumbai-based celebrated chef Ranveer Brar for a conversation, as he belongs to the sunshine. But we don’t blame him. The man is up to some good work. His latest initiative has been working with NGO Nidan, that in turn works in close collaboration with the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI), to empower them.

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As part of it, Ranveer Brar created an online training programme to educate roadside sellers on food safety and sanitation. “We raised close to Rs10 lakh with the help of Ketto, an online crowdfunding platform, to provide them with sanitation kits comprising gloves, masks, sanitisers and caps,” he brims.

This is only one of the things he’s juggling. A Lucknow-based NGO called Ehsaas, that rehabilitates street children, has also benefited from Brar’s generosity. 

Busy launching apps, shooting videos for his YouTube channel with a seamless pouring in of new recipes on Instagram, and tons of collaborations with top-notch brands, he has become quite the phenomenon to reckon with, though not that easy to decode.  

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