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Spritely sipping summer: Cool slurps to keep you happy and hydrated

A slice of cool unfurled when we sipped the lip curling mix of frozen, raw vodka with a slash of lime and elderflower, with sprightly positioned fresh mint leaves, midst diced Alphonso. A delectable, sorbet-esque preparation by Michelin-starred Chef Marco Baudone at the Swedish Style Mumbai show. Ingenuity at its best. Why look far, when wholesome and whacky, icy drinks are the perfect way to beat the summer and ingenious summer coolers with an Indian spin work fabulously well in lowering the temperature remarkably. 

There is something innately satisfying about giving traditional ingredients a nouveau twist. With jamuns jiving for attention, fennel flirting with rock salt and water chestnuts poised to be picked up at the local fruit vendor’s stall, the season is now fruity .Chef Anindya Chatterjee of the tea grove, The Kettlery swirls forth the berry mist, a kokum-infused drink. “It is a mix of kokum and tea from Maldives, carrying the right quantum of tang. Unlike, other flavoured iced teas that whet your thirst, the berry mist is a complete thirst buster,” says Chatterjee. Tasty, fresh, healthy.

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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