Couple goals- Keith Sequeira & Rochelle Rao

Theirs was a fairytale wedding on the shores of the Bay of Bengal by the ancient temple in Mahabalipuram. They look lovely together: Keith Sequeira’s muscular Raymond’s Man physique with Rochelle Rao’s Femina Miss India International swimsuit body. They tell us what keeps them looking the way they do.

They’re foodies, but they know how to balance

“I love to experiment with new cuisines when I am travelling, so it gets a bit hard to keep track of what I am eating,” says Rao. So she’ll balance it with a good workout, she says. She believes in maintaining a balanced diet, eating almost everything in moderation without cutting anything out of her diet. “I feel that when you remove certain foods from your diet, it can cause a lot of cravings, which lead to unnecessary binging.” They have their share of cheat days. She leans towards chocolate milk and chocolate-chip cookies. He loves a tiramisu, or an occasional burger or pizza, sukha bhel, milk chocolate and marzipan. The couple heads out to church on Sunday and volunteers, indulging in some great food with the entire community.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu

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