In conversation with the designer of Deepika Padukone’s Kanjeevaram wedding saree

He is an engineer by education and a textile designer by default. For K Radharaman of Advaya by the House of Angadi, embellishing his 600-year-old family legacy by contemporising weaves, is evocative of his deep-seated passion for Indian textiles and cultural heritage.

Angadi Silks, his labour of love, creates virtual heirlooms for royalty, heads of state, celebrities, textile connoisseurs—all under Radharaman’s technical and aesthetic expertise. He explains, “The variety of techniques and the depth of India’s textile traditions are simply unmatched. I have travelled aplenty and worked with textile clusters of virtually every state in the country and am still amazed by how much there is still left to discover. With such a powerful canvas comes creative liberty with responsibility. Our ancient Vedas declare that the universe is an endless fabric woven by god. Hence, conceiving a design is a spiritually uplifting experience for me: I feel the power of a textile designer to preserve, conserve and modernise something that is such a fundamental aspect of human life, it is awe inspiring.”

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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