‘Kids need detox too’: wellness party planner Rakhee Mehta

She calls herself a wellness architect, shaping the fitness experiences for everyone with infectious energy and verve. Rakhee Mehta is the founder of India’s first morning wellness party maker, MagicRise. The noveau concept even made it to Shark Tank 2018, and has over the past two years mushroomed in popularity across 15 cities both in India and beyond, clocking in more than 300 detox parties with 3000 trainers and still counting.

Excerpts from a conversation with India’s leading detox party planner, for Express Parenting:

Rakhee Mehta
How relevant are kids to the concept?

Extremely important! As children, our first social upbringing begins through outings with our parents and our family. I have come up with dance and games format parties for children and parents as part of the MiniMe concept. The idea is to instill the love for healthy living in juniors as well. Start early.

Why is detox needed for kids?

Detox is definitely needed even for kids to balance out the modern lifestyle. Not just adults even kids need a digital detox from ipads, computers, video games…screen consumption. Also, the classic rut of school, extra classes, puberty woes wield a certain amount of mental pressure on our children. Kids always benefit more from physical activities, and getting one with nature is also very educational for them.

What about new moms?

We have parent-toddler parties, new mom parties with babies strapped onto the parent in comfortable carriers. Moving with their kids is extremely therapeutic for the new parents, it releases happy hormones, burns calories and brings in a spot of fun. At the last such gathering, we had 100 happy moms grooving with their little ones, to our moves. Such formats usher in energy and a burst of excitement into otherwise regular routines. What was amazing that not a single baby cried during the one hour!

What are three types of physical activities with kids that are a big hit all the time?

A parent and child dance face off, our signature ‘South masala’, and boot camp with games.

So how and when do these detox parties take place?

Usually by the sea, on the rooftops of five star hotels, on a boat…we just organised one in an ampitheatre in Mumbai. The acoustics echo beautifully and such a setting works very well for large numbers. Our detox parties take place in the early hours, outdoors. Foot-tapping music plays an important role. We have props too in terms of exercise gear. For kids, for instance, we can have a life-sized Angry Birds game. Plenty of colours around set the mood.