Devita Saraf

Young Dynamo

Devita Saraf
CEO Vu Technologies & Executive Director, Zenith Computers

When Devita Saraf, CEO Vu Technologies and Executive Director, Zenith Computers, picked up the gauntlet of introducing “luxury in technology” to the Indian market, in 2005, she was prepared for combat with the existing tech Goliaths and hostile mindsets as she ventured into male-dominated turf. But the young, innovative Turk shaped stepping stones out of stumbling blocks and today powers the pioneering name in luxe technology.

At 29, Devita is the Youngest Businesswoman on India Today’s list of 25 Most Powerful Women in India. Her brainchild, Vu Technologies conducts in depth research, designs and manufactures premium display and video products, television sets and gadgets. Vu (derived from view) specializes in innovative interactive display that is digitally enabled to the hilt and offers state of the art performance as well as buying experience.

As daughter of Raj Saraf, Chairman and Founder of Zenith Computers, Devita Saraf is comfortable with the idea of success in all that she takes up. A trained Odissi dancer, Devita began work at 16 and at 24 became the Director of Zenith Group, a 650-crore family empire. At 26 she was termed Zee TV’s Youngest Achiever of the Year. A Mensa member, she did Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing, from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, along with a certification in Game Theory and Strategic Thinking from the London School of Economics. At present, in addition to her executive duties, she writes an online column for the Wall Street Journal and is the youngest executive committee member of FICCI.

Devita’s brainchild Vu offers a slew of avant garde tech products. Essentially these are exclusive, innovative, concept and experience oriented luxury gadgets like high end LCDs (even a waterproof LCD for you to catch the cricket score on while in the shower), slick computers, TV + PC, and audio visual digital delights. “I can’t do without crazy ideas,” admits Devita, as she multi tasks aggressively, powered on her corporate mission by her Zenith Laptop, Blackberry and Vu Intelligent TV. Her vision for the company in the near future? “Bigger, better, faster,” she says, typically cryptic.

Shilpi Madan in conversation with Devita Saraf
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