Here come nouveaux diamonds for progressive millennials. Mumbai-based jewellery designer Vandana Jagwani brings in stunning pieces crafted skilfully using lab-farmed diamonds under her brand Vandals, combining generations-old expertise of her iconic Mahesh Notandass family brand with her own contemporary signature.

Edgy colour pops abound. Champagne diamond earrings, aqua cocktail rings, palette-shaped brooches, and rivetting chokers form a play of unending winking beauties. Each trinket stuns against the wild, vibrant renditions framed on the walls, the splash out in the iconic ‘N’ ( the five-decade-old Notandass logo) and the Vandals brand lettering resting against the wooden slats in whimsical irreverence. An eclectic painted piano resides close to the effervescent mural on the wall—a bubblegum pink mega wristwatch pegged between a multitude of pink and white circles.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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