Dipali Goenka

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Dipali Goenka
Executive Director, Welspun Industries

Welspun is deeply entrenched in her DNA. An alumnus of the Harvard Business School’s President Management Program, Dipali Goenka is an enviable trailblazer, having powered the dynamics of the Welspun textile group since its inception in 1985. She has conceptualized the path breaking retail initiatives of the first generation company, radically contemporized design set ups and created the successful brands ‘Spaces Home and Beyond’ and ‘Welhome’ to meet the needs of the aspiring as well as the middle class consumer base in the country.

Dipali Goenka has positioned ‘Spaces, Home and Beyond’ as a retail home fashion brand with an international edge that offers complete home décor. Spaces offer a cutting edge menu of stylish designs together with experiential shopping through its countrywide spectrum of over 300 stores. In 2003 Goenka launched Welhome to address the needs of the cost-conscious consumer. Tracing an innovative trajectory, she has spun cotton dreams through the organic route, building phenomenal exports as a buffer for the Welspun group, and is poised to soar higher through her dreams for the company.

Dipali wears many hats – zealous educationist and think tank behind Welspun’s educational initiatives, Kathak exponent, FICCI FLO chairperson (Bombay chapter), and more. As Executive Director, Welspun Global Brands Ltd, Dipali has leveraged her razor sharp business acumen to swing the bottomlines from red to green. As a woman head honcho she brings in the refreshing recognition of human capital in competitive corporate climes. As a mother-of-two, she breathes life into her endeavors to educate the girl child and empower rural women.

Shilpi Madan discovers a charismatic entrepreneur who brings hard work and commitment to every facet of her life.

Shilpi Madan in conversation with Dipali Goenka
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