Emotional disconnect

Are we, as parents and adults, on the same mental wavelength as our kids?

Different people have different views on today’s children. Some maintain that they are evil beings, who have perfected the art of emotionally blackmailing their parents. Others believe they are genuine souls, essentially compassionate, slightly misled and greatly misunderstood.

The rest simply shudder as the media spotlights and replays the gory acts that shroud young ones, and thank God for leaving them childless. It is an ugly predicament.

Gaping void

When you see images of Aarushi Talwar and Scarlett Keeling across dailies and news channels, you wonder what ticked in their minds, and what is ticking in the minds of their parents.

Children have become thinking, brooding kidults. They seem to think they know exactly what they want in life, they think they can ‘handle’ whatever situation confronts them.

But are we, as parents and adults, connected to them and share the mental wavelength on the same plane with them? There is a gaping void between what we think they are and what they are in reality.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu
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