Etisha Collective brings in the splendour of treasured Turkish baths

There is a beautiful simplicity in the sheer luxuriousness of every length, born of fine quality cotton. Washed with salt, woven by hand, each thread breathes the splendour of a treasured Turkish legacy, conjuring up visions of leisurely hammams and beauty baths.  Etisha Pipada’s brand brings in the priceless Ottoman inspired bath experience to elevate your daily dip to a relaxing, luxury ritual.

From the house of Etisha Collective come luxe, Ottoman inspired,  premium Turkish towels to elevate your bathing experience

Etisha Collective, a bath and beach towel brand, launched by Etisha Pipada last year, is all about natural purity, exquisite craft and fine quality. The towels revive the famous looping technique on the loom, evocative of the 17th century Ottoman traditions, in thick, plush lengths.

“We are merging a 400-year-old weaving art and collaborating with artists from around the world, and this helps us to remain contemporary with an ancient backbone,” says Pipada. Nature inspired the colour palette that ranges from charcoal, turmeric, tan and pearl, is also green at its very core. The braided cotton carries the stamp of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification with the green cover spanning vegetable dyes, water conservation systems, and an ethical work environment.

“We need to increase the life and value of nature’s limited resources. At present, when greenwashing is a rage, we practise #LuxuryWithAGreenHeart ensuring complete transparency for our community through blockchain technology,” reveals Pipada. “In a first in the luxury landscape, Etisha Collective opens doors to its supply chain,” she adds. “On scanning the bar code on your purchased product, you can see the entire supply chain—from the farm where the cotton was picked for your towel, all the way up to the city/store where the product was delivered and finally purchased from.”