Facial Oils: Your secret beauty ninjas

Choose the right one from the multitude of facial oils: Here is your smooth decoder.

You’re confused. With the multitude of facial oils from kumkumadi to
jojoba to tea tree to argan, you don’t know what to invest in for a
glowing complexion. Or, should you? Here is your smooth decoder:

You are happy with your pots and potions of day and night creams,
moisturisers and serums. Why buy a facial oil? Says dermatologist Dr
Madhuri Agarwal, Founder & Medical Director- Yavana Aesthetics
Clinic, “We have naturally occurring facial oils in our skin: sebum,
and fats and lipids, that help to soften the skin, seal in the moisture,
and strengthen the skin barrier. In case there is dehydrated and dry
skin or the natural oils have been depleted, facial oils help to replenish
the skin hydration.”


With our tropical climate it is often confusing, deciding when to apply
the facial oil. “You can apply twice a day depending on your skin
requirement,” says Dr Agarwal. “It is best to apply at night as facial
oils carry skin repair properties. Evening application is best especially
during the humid weather as the monsoon has set in. In case you wish
to use facial oils during the day, use when you are not stepping out in
the sun. Reapply the sunscreen when stepping out.”

Everything in moderation. “Two to six drops are sufficient for
application. Take the quantity and gently massage it into your face
and neck,” explains Dr Agarwal.

Oils are rich in lipids that give moisture to skin (not hydration). They
sit on the surface of skin when applied and prevent trans epidermal
water loss, locking in moisture.
“Always use oils at the end before the sunscreen to seal in the active
ingredients. As oils are thick, if you apply them at the beginning of
your skincare routine, then it will prevent the serums and moisturisers
from penetrating into the skin hindering their impact,” she explains.
“Remember, facial oils are add-ons and not mandatory part of skin
care routine.”


Facial oils relieve dryness, making your skin soft, smooth and supple.

They do not address skin issues including dark spots and acne or
deeper pigmentation.

Have acne, or an active skin infection? Skip
facial oils

Choose the facial oil to plump up your skin, in keeping with your skin

Dry skin- coconut, macadamia, flaxseed, palm 
Aging skin – rosehip, argan 
Oily skin – jojoba, squalene, argan, marula, grapeseed

Shilpi Madan for DH Wknd

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