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Farah Khan on her definition of luxury

Jewellery designer Farah Khan on the evolving face of luxury

Jewellery designer Farah Khan on the evolving face of luxury

Each of her creations is a celebration of carat couture. An artist and a storyteller, Farah Khan is one of India’s most gleaming jewelry designers.
The creative heart monikered the Emerald Queen, and has since been shaping winking arrays of luxe pieces under her eponymous brand, Farah Khan Fine Jewellery. To wow and adorn natives and beyond, from Beyonce to Serena Williams, the haute designer discusses her own essence of luxury.

Excerpts from a conversation

What does luxury mean to you?

Unique things that not everyone has access to, things that have
taken a long time to be conceived and personify bespoke. Also
getting to spend precious time with my children spells sheer
luxury for me.

How has the definition of luxury changed for you over time?
With the internet, there are increased levels of exposure. The pandemic
has clearly shifted definitions as everyone wants something unique
and is willing to pay for it. People no longer question the value of
a creation; they fall in love with the story behind the making of
the product.

Slow luxury has become a catchphrase now. What are your
thoughts on the notion?

As everyone does not have access to true luxury, now everything is
tailor made to meet with your needs and expectations – a complete
indulgence at a price people are happy to pay. Even splash-out
weddings and holiday experiences abroad are curated as per
personal tastes.

Which direction do you think the luxury market is headed

The Indian luxury market will thankfully never be in recession. I
am deeply grateful to the spenders as they celebrate luxury in a
huge way in their homes, keeping India recession-proof. The luxury
spend increases with the slowdown with the upper middle class
and the elite spending on unique experiences.

What has been your biggest lesson in your journey?
No matter how distinctive your product, always pamper and
spoil your consumer to make the entire experience exclusive. The
consumer always wants more, and true luxury is about fulfilling this
entire buying experience memorable to ensure they keep coming
back to you for more. It is all about relationship building.

Shilpi Madan for PeakLife