Fashion meets nature & fantasy in 2023

Fashion meets nature & fantasy in 2023

We’ve moved beyond it all. The Goth grunge, the gloss revolution, the gregarious splashout in hems and haws. What the beginning of 2023 marks is the arrival of tech-powered fashion that has been consistently caressed and cocooned in sustainable formats through the pandemic. The New Year redefines stylish with a suave touch, setting the cues for a trend makeover that is here to stay.

Luxury Everyday
Dress up every day. Not just on a special day. Going beyond the tags of the mega brands comes personalised everyday luxury.

Says fashion designer Sakshi Astir of Swoon, “The cheap and cheerful fast fashion has been elbowed aside by personalised pieces. Adding longevity to your wardrobe does bring in a touch of chic. Like, sometimes styling tips add a different dimension to your outfit, translating to a swift makeover. Personalised fashion is fast making the definitive cut as people like to incorporate their own little quirks into their way of dressing, something that big labels and chains cannot replicate.” The consequent flow of emotions also sets the tone for the individual persona that is simply, signature you.

“Every detail, whether it is the colour or embroidery of the outfit, counts. Each one has a personal touch, and wearing the choice of colours and embellishments makes the entire ensemble special,” adds Nikita Murarka Shah, co-founder at Bindani.

Sportswear major Nike brings in its Nike by You line, inviting buyers to collaborate on shoe designs for more personalisation in keeping with the tagline ‘Let’s make something no one’s ever seen before’.

Shilpi Madan for The Sunday Standard

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