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Out to cultivate a vintage culture in India, stylist Kanika Karvinkop tells Shilpi Madan what it takes to redefine traditional fashion in diverse cultural contexts

“Vintage is the greenest form of fashion,” says the petite Kanika Karvinkop, the force behind No Borders, a Mumbai based concept store hinged on celebrating the diversity of culture, fashion and design. It is more of a passion infused project for Kanika, with the store erasing boundaries between nations by bringing together a wealth of sheer craftsmanship drawn from a cross section of cultures.  Of course, it is her eclectic style and keen eye for fine detail that makes her curate a superb cornucopia of locally made creations in her labour of love, centred in the quaint Kotachiwadi area of the city.

Kanika has just wrapped up the daily release of love on the No Borders website: that’s right, in the form of a series of articles chronicling the various relationships between womxn of color: friends, siblings, couples and more. “Our first jewellery line – in collaboration Bangalore based bohemian collective, Bhavya Ramesh, is in the making and debuts soon!” she reveals.

It is an intriguing play of detailed, hand crafted trinkets for gypsy souls and free spirits, going by the Insta peek. In perfect sync with the soul of No Borders, it is an intriguing play of detailed, handcrafted trinkets for gypsy souls and free spirits. What made her come up with the store? “There is an absolute lack, and yet a tacit need for vintage stores in India. I want to cultivate the vintage culture here, such that it becomes cool to thrift shop and saves the environment”, she says tracing a nouveau trajectory from her days as a fashion stylist with leading magazines…

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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