Fashion recall 2018

So, it was a mixed fashion bag in 2018. From citrus hues to jewelled belt bags to ear cuffs and asymmetric cuts. Some trends rocked, some were best relegated to the background. Cue in for a line-up of the sweet and the savoury that marked the circuit in 2018

Patterned waistcoats, pant saris. dhoti pants and more set the fashion circuit ablaze in 2018

The flare up Few took the billowing cuts to another level altogether and looked like a damp squib. Says fashion designer Natasha J, “The extremely flared blouse simply did not rock. Even lehengas with overgenerous flares failed to do anything for the body.” Add to that the overdose of the off-shoulder, cold-shoulder cuts. “It was a terrible overkill, with people loading up the ill-fitted off-shoulder and cold-shoulder tops and blouses with just too many accessories,” says designer Adarsh Makharia of label OSAA. Extra large frills at the end of sleeves and pallus of saris looked absolutely terrible.

Man gear

“It was a waistcoat paired with a dhoti or a churidar that created ripples,” says Natasha. “Patterned waistcoats made a cute cut, with their perfect pirouette between casual and heavy ethnic wear.” Teaming a dhoti with a kurta and a stylish waistcoast made for a simple yet elegant look for men, as did an asymmetric sherwani, with an asymmetric collar and slit for a stylish spin. “Even kurtas with drapes made for a trendy cut,” adds Natasha.

Fair cut

“Pant-saris raked in big popularity, making a statement at almost every do. Then, dhoti pants rocked the fashion circuit. Another successful pick was the jumpsuit. Fusion jumpsuits trended effortlessly, without the diaphanous look that anarkalis personified earlier. “Cotton silk made for a hot favourite in fabrics, with easy, flowing silhouettes shaping up beautifully,” says Natasha.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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