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Smart workouts: Bring in fitness at home

Is the WFH fatigue getting to you? Nail your home exercise regimen the right way

If you have taken the plunge, and have managed to carve out that treasured fitness hour at home, fine tune your desired results by maximizing on  calorie burn and minimize risk of injury. 

Set the pace

Says Pooja Bhargava, health coach, holistic nutritionist and fitness expert, “Follow a schedule. Remember, all physical activities require energy. The more you move, the more you burn. But consistency and discipline are the key. Working out form home can be a little overwhelming at times, as you are simultaneously trying to fulfil other commitments. Set aside a particular time for your workouts.” This establishes the routine and the consistency is easier to set in.

Hold on

Bring in the cups for proper support while you leap into your power yoga class, practise pilates or pursue your independent exercise regimen. While all of us have been chuckling at memes that celebrating the shunning of the bra while working from home, wearing bra is vital to hold you in place snugly and safely especially as you get into your stretches and jumps. “Sports bras for women, and tights for men are non-negotiable else chaffing can de -ail your workout schedule,” says Pooja.


Assess the area

Homes are short on inches and with family members constantly hovering in the space, allocating an area for exercise becomes slightly tough. “Assess your space,” says fitness expert Meenakshi Mohanty. “Ensure you have sufficient area, bereft of obstacles, and with adequate lighting and ventilation. Slip on correct footwear for a proper floor grip to eliminate any chances of slipping and hurting yourself.” It is a good idea to ascertain the flooring in this area.

“Aerobics, kickboxing, zumba, squat jumps, skipping…can be harsh on your knees and back especially if the flooring is hard. If you do not have a wooden flooring at home, try cushioning the workout area with two yoga mats and continue these activities thereafter,” advises Pooja

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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